Spring Meeting May 29

On May 29, come along to meet other local Finns and help plan our activities for the second half of 2019! We have a table booked at The Auctioneers near George Square, 6 North Ct, Glasgow. From 5.30pm to 70.30pm. Everyone welcome as always! Check Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/2477015762308734/.


Ice Hockey Pub Night Vol. 2

Following the successful pub night for Finland's opening match in the Ice Hockey World Championship, we've decided to host another one next Friday 17 May! This time it's even more interesting as it's Finland vs. Great Britain. When? Friday 17 May. Table reserved 6.30 pm onwards. Where? At Record Factory in the West End. Address … Continue reading Ice Hockey Pub Night Vol. 2

1st of May Vappu drinks

Welcome along to the West of Scotland Finns after-work Vappu-drinks on the 1st May at 17.30! At Rab Ha's, 83 Hutcheson Street, G1 1SH, Glasgow. We will also discuss the forthcoming Finn-fest in August, so this gathering will double-up as a wee spring meeting.See Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1122034417984982/.

Glagow’n vappu 2018

Toivottavasti tämän talven lumet olisivat vihdoin tässä, sillä on aika juhlia kevään alkua siman ja serpentiinien kera! WSF järjestää 29. huhtikuuta vappujuhlat West of Scotland Cricket Clubilla klo 13.30-16.30. Luvassa on mölkyn pelaamista, säkkihyppelyä ja muita kilpailuja sekä lapsille kasvomaalausta ja ongintaa pientä maksua vastaan. Kaikille tarjotaan lasillinen simaa ja karjalanpiirakka tai pulla. Ulkona on … Continue reading Glagow’n vappu 2018