West of Scotland Finns (WSF) brings together Finns, their families and fans of Finland in and around Glasgow and further afield in the western parts of Scotland. Founded in 2016, the organisation’s purpose is to support and promote Finnish language and cultural heritage among the ex-pat community. It organises various cultural events important in the Finnish calendar, and acts as a hub for informal gatherings from annual celebrations to simple coffee mornings, pub nights, sporting events and hobby groups. Events are organised according to the needs and wishes of WSF members.

WSF also operates as an umbrella body, looking after various smaller groups such as Glasgow Finnish School, adult learners of the language and the Finnish choir of Glasgow (Glasgow’n Laulu). WSF also works to promote the rights of ex-pats living in West Scotland by participating in the Finnish Expatriate Parliament (Ulkosuomalaisparlamentti).

WSF operates on a voluntary basis. The day-to-day running of the organisation is the responsibility of an elected committee which includes a chair and seven other officials. Events are organised by the committee and all members who wish to help in the organisation.

WSF is happy to connect Finns living in different parts of Scotland  – please get in touch!

Committee members:

Chair: Paula

Vice-chair: Anne

Secretary: Sanna

Treasurers: Anna, Sari and Ulla

Communications officer: Susanna


Some of the other active members:

Saara (participates in the Finnish Expatriate Parliament)

Laura (organises walks)

Danny (organises pub events)




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