Stirling Sightseeing & Pub Night 15 February


The first WSF pub night in 2020 takes place in Stirling on the 15th of February.

We’ll meet at Stirling station at around 15.30, (train from Glasgow: 14.51-15.24, train from Edinburgh: 14.48-15.30).

The very casual/informal plan: Walk to the Stirling bridge (10 mins), and after that up the hill to the castle (15 mins). Half-way we could maybe pop in the Settle Inn which is the oldest pub in Stirling. After some sightseeing by the castle and the old graveyard we could have something to eat in Portcullis pub (by the castle), and later head down to Stirling city centre to find another pub if we’re still thirsty 🙂

We would love to get some folks from Edinburgh and around Stirling to join us too and as usual, everybody is welcome! 🙂

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